Feel free to contact our office at 717-465-1716 or email us at moosefastpitch@yahoo.com

To get a list of all available tournaments go to www.usssa.com and login under you ID. Once you're in under your ID, select the team you wish to enter into a USSSA event, then select "Search and Enter Events", select the parameters you're looking for, then click "Search". Click on the name of the event which you are interested in entering/getting more details. Any tournaments can be added to your shopping cart. You can elect to pay now, or enter into more than one tournament at the moment and pay for them all at once, with a credit card or you may select the "Enter Now, Pay Later" option.

To register your team with USSSA. you'll need to go to the Team Registration page (https://www.usssa.com/how-to-create), read the instructions, then click on the linkfound there to begin the procedure. You will be given a USSSA sanction number once you've completed the simple registration process. The cost to register your team online with USSSA in 2021 is $50 and is valid from August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021. By registering with USSSA you become part of a nationwide group of youth softball teams. Your team will be placed on a mailing list for important information, have the ability to purchase team insurance, be able to participate in USSSA tournaments and leagues, receive a rule book as well as other benefits from being part of the USSSA program.

Every team that participates in even one tournament needs to purchase team insurance. Simply put, none of softball's sanctioning bodies will allow a team to participate that doesn't have team insurance. USSSA's insurance carrier is K&K. Teams do not have to purchase their insurance through K&K, buts it's an easy and quick process to do through the USSSA website. The USSSA policy provides both liability and accident coverage for a full year, running from August 1 to July 31 or from January 1 to December 31. In order to purchase team insurance from K&K, teams will need to be registered through USSSA and will need to provide K&K with their sanction number upon application. Click here(http://www.usssa.com/fastpitch/TeamInsurance/#/?gdSport=16)to purchase a policy or to find out more about the K&K insurance program. Once your team has purchased insurance, whether it was from K&K or another carrier with minimum $1 million liability coverage, you should print a copy of you policy and carry it along with you to all USSSA Tournaments.

Team name/classification changes require approval. Please contact your state director for assistance. Go to www.usssa.com and click on the Sports tab. Click on the sport you are interested in to enter the site. Click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Under the Directors heading, click on Find a Director. Select your state from the drop menu and click search. Director titles are listed to the right. Please select the name with the State Director title.

Click on this link to login: http://www.usssa.com/login

Enter your manager ID number and password in the boxes provided and click on the blue login button. Click on Create New Team button under the Team Manager heading on the left side menu. Then, select the sport your team plays in the drop menu. Under Team Details, fill in each box and then click Submit New Team. Enter your card information on the Payment Page to register your team.

Login at www.usssa.com to access your team management dashboard. click on the Manage MY Players button. Click on I agree to go to manager your roster. Click on the Remove button next to the players name you want to remove.

The tournament director is the only person that can remove your team from an event/tournament. Please email the tournament director for assistance.

An automated email invitation is sent to each guardian after their child is added to a team roster. The email invitation is the only way to set up a guardian account. Once the guardian account is created, the links in the email will no longer work. Please go to http://www.usssa.com/loginhttp://www.usssa.com/login and click on the Guardians button to login to your account. A prompt to approve your child's roster entry will display immediately upon logging in. Each roster entry is approved only one time. If you have not received the email invitation, please contact the team manager.

This means that a guardian account has already been set up for your child. Once you have created your guardian account, the links in the email will no longer work. Go to http://www.usssa.com/login and click on the Guardians button to login. You'll be prompted to approve your child's roster entry upon logging in. Your guardian account only has to be set up one time. You'll be able to use the same guardian account for every season to come. If you are still having trouble, please contact your team manager.

Did you forget your password? There's a Forgot Password button on the login page.

Login to your team manager account at www.usssa.com.

To add new players to your roster:

Hightlight your team name under Your Teams. Click the Manage My Players button. After reading the affidavit page, click on I agree to proceed to the payment page. Click on the Add New Player button. Enter the data in the required fields and then click Save.

Note: Youth teams, a guardian email address is required. After your roster is entered, you'll find a button to send the invitation to your guardians. When a guardianhas a previously created and account, the send invitation button will be available. The guardian can log in to their account to approve their child's roster entry.

To add returning players to you roster:

Hightlight your team name under Your Teams. Click the Manage My Players button. After reading the affidavit page, click on I Agree to proceed to the payment page. Click on the Add Former Player button. In the Your Former Players listing, click the Add Player button next to each players name you want to add to your roster.